MaxQB stores and displays collections of large proteomics projects and allows joint analysis and comparison. As a first dataset is contains proteome data of 11 different human cell lines. The 11 cell line proteomes together identify proteins expressed from more than half of all human genes. For each protein of interest, expression levels estimated by label-free quantification can be visualized across the cell lines. Similarly, the expression rank order and estimated amount of each protein within each proteome are plotted. MaxQB is described in more detail in the accompanying paper

Christoph Schaab, Tamar Geiger, Gabriele Stoehr, Juergen Cox and Matthias Mann: "Analysis of high-accuracy, quantitative proteomics data in the MaxQB database", Mol Cell Proteomics 11 (2012) M111.014068. PMID: 22301388, pdf

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Species Experiments Proteins Peptides Evidences
Homo sapiens 175 14,042 375,508 19,176,339
Mus musculus 150 14,319 436,281 21,086,999
Budding Yeast 1 4,583 49,386 148,346
Fission Yeast 1 4,146 40,164 201,570